Tricky javaScript interview questions


Here I am going to discuss some really tricky javaScript interview questions. 1. What will be the output of the below code?

Ans. This is the really tricky javaScript interview question for JavaScript developer. The output of this code will be 1undefined because here we have function statement function fun(){} inside if so it returns true. And here fun is function expression not a function statement, therefore, it will be undefined here. 2. Write a single line statement to remove all duplicate elements from below given array or any array

Ans. To answer this question, I am going… Read More

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Convert your site from http to https free

Convert you site from http to https free

Now Convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS free. You do not have to pay anything for that and you can convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS. There is free service available for this. Only you have to follow very simple steps to activate SSL for your website. By activating SSL for your website you can save your site from attacks and also it will encrypt all your requests. In the current scenario, online security is very important for any size of the organization. And one of the most basic types of online security is converting your website from… Read More

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